Earth Movers

With an industry based proficiency experience in the earth movers, we have undertook a wide range of heavy Earth Moving projects in all sectors. All products with us are completely tested by quality professors with all the parameters to make sure it is up-to the mark in the construction.

Building Demolition Contractors

Providing best products is our primary intention to the clients, on the other hand we are also engaged in demolition of projects like buildings, apartments, houses etc., Demolition is a process to take-down the complete constructed building instantly. We have an expertise team for the demolition process who are fully trained with such aspects of projects. We take care of complete in and out demolition of the building with all required high end technologies. This service includes partial demolition or complete demolition of building, recycling of material etc.

Rock Blasting Contractors

Rock blasters plays a major role in the mining, these are an essential part in the mining sector to break down the huge rocks that encounters during ongoing work. Our trained expert team will take care of rock breakdown with powerful explosives. We use highly qualified materials to break down the rocks. Wastage of ore is totally reduced with our advanced technique implemented in the rock blasters. Fly rocks during blast is completed covered before blasting that reduces future damage on the field. We have a controlled blasting that helps to reduce over breakage during rock blasting and it also controls harmful vibration that creates deep inside ground. During rock blasters many unexpected incident might occur at the spot and could harm humans, all such precautionary measures are taken care by us.

Drilling And Blasting

It is an instant way to break down the rocks. Our expert team who work for drilling and blasting are highly trained and experienced. This process gives a quick result in breaking up the rock. Initially rock is drilled with a small hole and essential chemical is filled inside the rock for blasting. Usually this is used in mining than inside the city area.

Chemical Cracking

Chemical cracking is the best way to crack rocks without sound in-fact it is a soundless cracking of rock. In here we use a powerful chemical for cracking rock, at first rock will be drilled with a small hole in which a powerful chemical is poured, to this water is mixed which causes to crack the rock. This results in silent method of braking up of huge rock those are available during mining, building construction, tunnels etc.
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